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(SDCHENXUAN™) Shandong Chenxuan Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a unit that integrates engineering and trade, and has independent import and export rights. Our company is exported to Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Morocco, Ghana, Russia, Vietnam and other countries around the world. The company's self-manufactured control valves are equipped with Siemens actuators, which are more stable, economical and durable. It includes VF40 series water valve, VF45/VF43 series water vapor universal, VF53 series WCB cast steel control valve, VF61 series 304/316L stainless steel control valve, waterproof electric control valve, Siemens temperature control valve, Honeywell control valve, Danfoss adjustment Valve,  Chenxuan electric temperature control valve, proportional integral valve, FCU electric two-way valve, WIFI room thermostat, electric differential pressure bypass valve, electric regulating valve, electric dynamic balancing valve, static balance Valve, self-operated temperature control valve, temperature and pressure reduction device. At the same time operating Siemens, Honeywell, Belimo, Danfoss and other well-known brands of electric control valves. Our company has perfect production equipment and many years of production experience to better provide you with high-quality products.

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Your satisfaction is the goal we pursue...

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