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  • CXZW61  304 stainless steel self-operated temperature control valve

CXZW61 304 stainless steel self-operated temperature control valve

Self-operated temperature control valve

  • Basic Principles
    Temperature control valve is a typical application of flow control valve in the field of temperature control. By controlling the inlet flow of primary heat (cold) medium of heat exchanger, air conditioning unit or other heating and cooling equipment, the outlet temperature of equipment can be controlled. When the load changes, the flow rate can be adjusted by changing the opening degree of the valve to eliminate the influence of load fluctuation and stabilize the temperature within the set range.
    二、 Applications
    This product is widely used in HVAC, domestic hot water, building automatic thermal deoxidization and heat exchange equipment in industrial production.

三、Product Description

(1) Introduction

CXZW series temperature control valves use the principle of liquid thermal expansion and contraction to adjust the opening of the valve by the pressure produced by the volume change of the liquid in the temperature-sensitive package, so as to control the flow rate of heat source medium and finally control the temperature of the heated medium.

Its control mode is simple proportional control (P control).

(2) Product characteristics
A. Hydraulic drive, no external power supply, safe and reliable use.
B. Choose a new type of temperature control medium with good thermal expansion ratio and stability.
C. Low cost, stable operation and wide range of temperature regulation.
E. Balanced valves, equal percentage /linear flow characteristics.
F. Compact structure, small size, simple installation and long service life.

四、Model description:
CXZW45 series is ductile iron of valve body material, diameter DN25-DN350
CXZW53 series is cast steel of valve body material. diameter DN15-DN350
CXZW61 series valve body material 304 stainless steel, diameter DN15-DN250




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