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  •  electric air conditioning unit supporting electric control valve

Electric air conditioning unit supporting electric control valve

Electric Temperature Control Valve
Electric temperature control valve is a typical application of electric flow control valve in the field of temperature control. Its basic principle is to control the outlet temperature of equipment by controlling the inlet flow of heat exchanger, air conditioning unit or other heat and cold equipment and primary heat ( cold ) medium. When the load changes, the flow rate is adjusted by changing the valve opening degree to eliminate the influence caused by load fluctuation and restore the temperature to the set value.

Classification of Siemens Temperature Control Valves  
A、 Siemens original - electric temperature control valve

 B、 mixed installation ( Siemens ) - electric temperature control valve ( with valve body manufactured by Shandong chenxuan ) 
 Compostition of Siemens Temperature Control Valve

 Accept the temperature signal and output 0...10V control signal through P/PI/PID operation. Common models of Siemens controllers include RWD60 \ RWD 62 \ RWD68 \ RLU36 \ RMZ730 - b, etc.


 Accept the adjustment signal sent by the controller, accurately adjust the valve opening, stable operation, optional power-off reset, 3P or analog adjustment, 230DCV or 24DCV power supply. The common models of Siemens actuators are SUA21\SQS65\SSC85\ SAX61\SKD62\SKB62\SKC62, etc.

The common models of SDCHENXUAN actuators are CX1000,CX1800,CX3000,CX4000,CX5000,XY1200,XY3500,XY4500,CX202,CX204,etc.

Explosion-proof type CX402,CX404,CX408,CX410 etc.

Valve body:

 The executor that regulates the flow of medium is matched with the executor to form an electric regulating valve. Siemens valves are divided into: copper valves, cast iron valves, ductile iron valves, cast steel valves; According to the connection mode, it can be divided into: threaded connection and flange connection valves; According to the medium used, it can be divided into water valve and steam valve. Diameter DN10 ... DN150.(chenxuan DN15-DN400)


 The temperature of the medium is measured in various types. According to the installation position, it can be divided into immersion temperature sensor, binding temperature sensor, air duct temperature sensor, indoor temperature sensor, outdoor temperature sensor and other types.


Characteristics of Siemens Temperature Control Valve Advantages:


 A. with proportional integral ( PI ) or proportional integral and differential ( PID ) adjustment functions, the control is stable and accurate.

 B, aiming at different field working conditions, the control parameters can be flexibly adjusted to achieve system optimization.

 C, the controller can read the current temperature value and observe the working state of the valve.

 D. Extensible functions, such as remote setting, temperature compensation, overtemperature alarm, heat metering, automatic meter reading, remote transmission, etc.

 E most models can be operated manually when power is cut off.

Gray iron Ball milled cast iron Cast steel stainless steel
2-way 3-way 2-way 3-way 2-way 3-way 2-way 3-way
    VF45.15     VS45.15 VF53.15     VS53.15 VF61.15     VS61.15
    VF45.20     VS45.20 VF533.20     VS53.20 VF613.20     VS61.20
    VF45.25     VS45.25 VF53.25     VS53.25 VF61.25     VS61.25
    VF45.32     VS45.32 VF53.32     VS53.32 VF61.32     VS61.32
VF40.40     VS40.40     VF45.40     VS45.40     VF53.40     VS53.40     VF61.40     VS61.40    
VF40.50     VS40.50     VF45.50     VS45.50     VF53.50     VS53.50     VF61.50     VS61.50    
VF40.65     VS40.65     VF45.65     VS45.65     VF53.65     VS53.65     VF61.65     VS61.65    
VF40.80     VS40.80     VF45.80     VS45.80     VF53.80     VS53.80     VF61.80     VS61.80    
VF40.100     VS40.100     VF45.100     VS45.100     VF53.100     VS53.100     VF61.100     VS61.100    
VF40.125     VS40.125     VF45.125     VS45.125     VF53.125     VS53.125     VF61.125     VS61.125    
VF40.150     VS40.150     VF45.150     VS45.150     VF53.150     VS53.150     VF61.150     VS61.150    
VF40.200     VS40.200     VF45.200     VS45.200     VF53.200     VS53.200     VF61.200     VS61.200    
VF40.250     VS40.250     VF45.250     VS45.250     VF53.250     VS53.250     VF61.250     VS61.250    
VF40.300     VS40.300     VF45.300     VS45.300     VF53.300     VS53.300        
    VF45.350     VS45.350     VF53.350     VS53.350        
    VF45.400     VS45.400     VF53.400     VS53.400        


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